Heartfelt Lyrics

Today’s The Write Practice has us playing the part of musician, with a little help from Carl Dylan. Check some of his sage advice on the subject of wrangling the muse. It’s invaluable, and can be applied to writers of all stripes. (I can never get enough of Thomas Jefferson quotes)

Besides, who hasn’t wanted to be like Paul McCartney or Elton John and pump out a moving ballad about love?

The actual writing practice of The Write Practice is to spend 15 minutes slaving over four lines of music. You’d actually be surprised at how much time can be invested in something so ‘simple’.

Here’s what I came up with.

Sorrow’s well reflects her eyes
Static time crackles on; (all we’ve ever known)
This loneliness pokes and pries
Yet I’d wait forever; (locked with you in stone)

Ah, long distance relationships.

I also want to thank my own special someone, without whose patience and complete love, I literally couldn’t survive. Two years isn’t enough. This is just the beginning.


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